Multinode Quantum Network, an important step toward quantum internet

November 12, 2020

Multiple projects across the world are working to create a “quantum internet,” a network where quantum computers can share and exchange information. One such project, a collaboration between Brookhaven National Lab and Stony Brook University in New York, recently hit a major milestone: demonstrating that quantum bits, or qubits, from two distant quantum computers can be entangled in a third location. This is a critical step in creating a quantum internet, and significantly, the researchers did it over standard internet cables.

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4 MAY 2021

Researchers at the QuTech research center in the Netherlands created the system, which is made up of three quantum nodes entangled by the spooky laws of quantum mechanics that govern subatomic particles.

Unlike classical networks, you cannot amplify quantum signals. If you try to copy the qubit, you destroy the original copy,” Pompili said, referring to physics’ “no-cloning theorem,” which states that it is impossible to create an identical copy of an unknown quantum state.

“This really limits the distances we can send quantum signals to the tens of hundreds of kilometers. If you want to set up quantum communication with someone on the other side of the world, you’ll need relay nodes in between.”

To solve the problem, the team created a network with three nodes, in which photons essentially “pass” the entanglement from a qubit at one of the outer nodes to one at the middle node. The middle node has two qubits – one to acquire an entangled state and one to store it.

Once the entanglement between one outer node and the middle node is stored, the middle node entangles the other outer node with its spare qubit. With all of this done, the middle node entangles its two qubits, causing the qubits of the outer nodes to become entangled.

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Signal: Quantum Internet is close

It will dramatically change cybersecurity paradigms, and it requires new planning and standards. Many Pre-Quantum Internet techniques would not apply to Post-Quantum Internet World.





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