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Since your avatar is essentially a reflection of yourself, to some extent, and with so many metaverse companies creating custom avatars & augmented reality clothing, a metaverse stylist will likely be a very in-demand job. IMVU, a metaverse social network that grew by 44% the past year, allows its users to create avatars and dress them virtually with digital clothing created by designers.

Real-life brands like Gypsy Sport and Collina Strada are already engaging with customers in IMVU, and the site hosted the metaverse’s first fashion show earlier this year.


Companies like RTFKT, which has been described as the “Supreme of the metaverse,” and DressX, one of the first digital-only stores in Metajuku, a shopping district in Decentraland, are making digital clothing as coveted as any brand makes in the real world. Metaverse stylists will be like the personal shoppers and stylists that the real world currently has. They’ll be there with you when you stroll through a shopping district in your virtual world and purchase your NFT based fashion. They’ll shop for you to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest digital clothing drop, and they’ll let you know what’s in season and what’s out of season. After all, the metaverse is somewhere you can be anything you want and dress any way you want.

This article was originally published in Hackernoon.

Author: Victor Ma

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