Bioluminescent Design

When you look at the futuristic movies of cold war era, you always see the massive usage of neon lighting. But how can you combine neon designs with green economy goals? The answer is in hand of biotechnology scientists( or we can call them Biohackers).

Fireflies, mushrooms, and many sea creatures generates light, its called bioluminescence. The light is formed from a chemical reaction in the animal’s body. “As much as 76 percent of ocean animals are bioluminescent, producing their own light through a series of chemical reactions or containing bacteria give off light.

The scientists made plants glow by injecting DNA from glowing mushrooms into them.

Imagine a future where buildings and cities are lighted bioluminescent plants.

Bioluminescent Design: Bioluminescent light may not be enough for reading and writing, but it can be  used for designing new architectures and interiors. Will we see the wonders of Seaworld in Bioluminescent cities?






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