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Metaverse Stylist

Concepts from Future Since your avatar is essentially a reflection of yourself, to some extent, and with so many metaverse companies creating custom avatars & augmented reality clothing, a metaverse stylist will likely be a very in-demand job. IMVU, a metaverse social network that grew by 44% the past year, allows its users to create […]

BlockCloud: Re-inventing Cloud with Blockchains

BlockCloud: Re-inventing Cloud with Blockchains It’s the year 2025 and it has been a stunning week in the world of computing. Larry Parallelogram,  CEO of Avogadro Corporation, the world’s largest computing company, recently announced that 500 of the  Fortune 500 have completed the migration of all mission critical processes to Avogadro’s compute platform, BlockCloud. This […]

Send Your Package to the Moon

Are you ready to send shipment to the moon? This is no limited to science fiction world anymore! Shipment Booking: https://www.astrobotic.com/configure-mission Additional News Coverage: DHL, in cooperation with the American company Astrobotic, will offer shipments to the moon. From next year on, it will be possible to send small souvenirs up there to commemorate, for […]

Launch Your Own Personal Satellite for $8,000 USD

The news is a bit old, but it’s relevant as a signal of future yet. Furthermore, the company is in the business and released newer model. The rocket company Interorbital Services (IOS) is offering their “TubeSat Personal Satellite Kit” that can carry 0.75-kg into orbit. The price includes a launch into low Earth orbit on […]

Walking Nano Robots Inside Blood

This is not fiction nor a concept design; Cornel University Researchers made a tremendous achievement. New research, published August 26 in Nature, shows that it is possible to build legs into robots mere microns in length. When powered by lasers, these tiny machines can move, and some day, they may save lives in operating rooms […]


Nanorobotics is a field of study which deals with designing robots in the size of nanometers. It can be used in various industries from health to defense  sectors.   Source: https://www.azonano.com/article.aspx?ArticleID=4679