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a real world 3600$ Cryptocurrency heater

French startup Qarnot unveiled a new computing heater specifically made for cryptocurrency mining. If your home is cold and you desperately need to turn on the heaters, the QC1 is going to turn on the two GPUs and mine at a 60 MH/s speed. There are also traditional heating conductors in case those two GPUs […]


Chilled coffee producer, Lattesso, has today unveiled the Crypto Valley’s first loyalty token at the Blockchain Summit in Zug, showcasing the industry’s first proof of concept. Lattesso wants to make the benefits of tokens accessible to the public by adopting blockchain technology to power its customer loyalty program. In contrast to traditional loyalty programs, the […]

Tweaking Corn Kernels with CRISPR

Corn — has changed over thousands of years from weedy plants that make ears with less than a dozen kernels to the cobs packed with hundreds of juicy kernels that we see on farms today. Powerful DNA-editing techniques such as CRISPR can speed up that process. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Professor David Jackson and […]

Scenario: Marriage Rebranded

Scenario: Short-term or “beta” marriages offer couples the chance to test the waters before being legally bound. People expect less from marriage.   Source: The Future of Marriage External Signal:Temporary Marriage in Iran(its an old tradition that became more popular in this region) That Sighe be considered as a legal union, it is generally expected […]