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VR Health Institute

The Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise (VR Health Institute) is an independent research & ratings organization created to study the health impact of virtual and augmented reality. Working with the San Francisco State University’s Kinesiology department, we use scientifically reliable tools to rate the exercise potential of VR and Augmented experiences. Why it […]

Smart Masks

One year before the coronavirus outbreak, the US-based startup Atmos has presented a rather expensive chargeable mask. Their solution is 50 times better than the market-leading sports air filtration masks at stopping particulate matter from being inhaled. Also, it provides a continuous flow of cool, clean air to breathe naturally.

Future Portal Project

Future Portal Project is dedicated to providing foresight about future with help of scenarios, stories, designs and Signals (articles) which represents the trends in future. Future Portal Project founded in 2020 as an ongoing ,volunteer led project. The Future Portal Project provides concepts, designs and frameworks for ideation about future. Amir-reza Asadi is the founder […]