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Tesla Bot

Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) Chief Executive Elon Musk on Thursday said the electric automaker will probably launch a “Tesla Bot” humanoid robot prototype next year, designed for dangerous, repetitive, or boring work that people don’t like to do. Although there is far way toward reaching to the HBO’s West World Universe, It’s a significant signal about […]

Hyperloop Cargo Transportation

What does Hyperloop mean? What does Hyperloop mean? The Hyperloop represents a new transportation mode, or more specifically, a sealed capsule inside a vacuum tube propelled by magnetic levitation The Hyperloop is expected to be going as fast as 1080 kilometres per hour, or 670 miles per hour, which makes it faster than an airplane. […]

US Innovation and Competition Act or USICA

The Senate on Tuesday voted 68-32 to approve $250 billion to beef up American technological research, development and manufacturing so the U.S. can better compete with China now and in the future. Some House Republicans have balked at the bill, saying it isn’t tough enough on China, but the passage in the Senate on Tuesday […]

Production of Flexible solar cells

Exeger takes $38M to ramp up production of its flexible solar cells for self-powered gadgets So far two devices have integrated the Powerfoyle tech: A bike helmet with an integrated safety taillight (by POC), and a pair of wireless headphones (by Urbanista). Although neither has yet been commercially launched — but both are slated to […]

Bioluminescent Design

When you look at the futuristic movies of cold war era, you always see the massive usage of neon lighting. But how can you combine neon designs with green economy goals? The answer is in hand of biotechnology scientists( or we can call them Biohackers).

Multinode Quantum Network, an important step toward quantum internet

November 12, 2020 Multiple projects across the world are working to create a “quantum internet,” a network where quantum computers can share and exchange information. One such project, a collaboration between Brookhaven National Lab and Stony Brook University in New York, recently hit a major milestone: demonstrating that quantum bits, or qubits, from two distant […]

US BioForce

United States Bio Force  is ninth branch of Uniformed Services and the and the world’s first and currently only independent bio defense  force. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was merged in Bioforce. Mission: Monitoring Global Biologic threats including   viruses Maintenance of  biologic safety of US citizens. Eradication of deadly  and infectious diseases Increase the […]