an AI Attack to Free World

On one of the hot days of summer in 2031, a confidential report leaked on social media caused massive protests in the midwest. The report stated that the AI judgment algorithm sentenced 112 black people to life imprisonment wrongly in the past year. Protestors tried to burn the state buildings. Another group attacked the offices of AI Companies in silicon valley. They chanted, ” Burn racist computers.”

The intelligence community believes that Russian state-sponsored hackers shared the report. But who cares? Many innocent people prisoned unfairly. The country is divided, and different ethnic groups are fighting with each other. The whole country is in chaos. People want their dream country, but a young computer scientist thinks protestors and the intelligence community are on the wrong track.

He had developed a special Data Anomaly Detector; he ran the program to scan AI system open data. After one month, He found out that some hackers altered the data and made AI sensitive to certain words. His report surprised the public opinion. It was an AI input attack. Who is behind this attack?

After one year, the intelligence community found that CCP sponsored hackers altered the African American suspect cases to deepen the racial divide. The other goal of the hackers was to undermine the free world institutions. And at the end, the young computer specialist of our story launched his unicorn startup.


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