Dynamic Inductive Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles

Signal: Dynamic wireless charging holds promise to partially or completely eliminate the overnight charging through a compact network of dynamic chargers installed on the roads that would keep the vehicle batteries charged at all times.

Why does it matter?

In the mentioned paper, we see a huge potential for electronic devices, This technology could create new industries, because if we can supply power wirelessly, we can design products beyond the current approach. There will be new markets and new product categories.



Immersive media for Autonomous cars

Artifcats from future | 2030 car interior

Description: Driver can use the front window of car as a wide immersive display.

Media Consumption in Autonomous Cars

Self- driving cars increase the spare time of humans. Before Self-Driving vehicles, car manufacturers spend millions of dollars on in-car entertainment and infotainment systems. They try the create fun moments for passengers. For example, Chrysler has implemented an excellent gaming system for children in its vans. But the car owner and driver have the least access to infotainment because they should concentrate on the road. However, systems like CarPlay become a must-have requirement for new cars. With Self-Driving, there will be a huge change in the infotainment. And its the reason behind that why Apple is working on driving cars too.

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