Bioluminescent Design

When you look at the futuristic movies of cold war era, you always see the massive usage of neon lighting. But how can you combine neon designs with green economy goals? The answer is in hand of biotechnology scientists( or we can call them Biohackers).

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Rise of DC

The current war  was the most famous ddebate between Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison. We may see the rise of these debates again, because:

  • These days we use more batter enabled devices.
  • Batteries operate with DC power and we consume DC power more and more. We even rent DC power( by renting power banks). The combination of next generation of batteries with and home power plants.
  • DC motors and appliances have higher efficiency and power to size characteristics and push for green economy would facilitate  the rise of DC.
  • Auto Manufacturers like GM and Tesla spends billions of dollars in battery cell plants.


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