Robo First Lady Scenario

A preference for virtual/non-human interaction and low individual debt leads to a future where marriage between humans and humanoid robots becomes normalized. Technology allows for babies to be created with DNA, regardless of the parents’ sex.”

In recent years, we advancements in sex toys and sex machine devices. Combination of these technologies  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, GPT-3 AI  can amplify the occurrence of this trend.


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Marriage in 2036

The Future of Marriage is a conceptualization of American marriage in the year 2036 from a U.S. West-coast perspective. The project was developed over the course of five months in 2016 by four graduate students in the MBA Design Strategy program at the California College of the Arts

According to their scenario we will see following characteristic in marriage status quo:


  • Fluidity of partners/multi-partner relationships
  • Communal living arrangements for multi-partner families
  • Utilitarian value of marriage or partnership for purpose
  • Ease of access to partners
  • Ease of access to marriage services
  • Ease of access to divorce
  • Emotional emptiness or increased impatience with marital difficulties
  • Communal parenting


Long-distance sex toys

Human-Sex toy interaction and human-robot sexual interaction are shaping the future of sexuality:

Here is information of a commercially successful long-distance sex toy:

“Our interactive sex toys allow couples to have long-distance sex. When you move your toy, the other reacts- enabling lovers to connect and play together regardless of the distance! ” This product also hints  the importance of Tangible User Interface.

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