Scenario: Marriage Rebranded


Short-term or “beta” marriages offer couples the chance to test the waters before being legally bound. People expect less from marriage.



External Signal:Temporary Marriage in Iran(its an old tradition that became more popular in this region)

That Sighe be considered as a legal union, it is generally expected to include certain agreements, the elements of which defined by religious scholars

Ayatollah Rafsanjani suggested that young men and women who might feel shy about going to a mullah to register their temporary marriage need not do so. They could agree among themselves (i.e., have a private contract) “to be together for a month or two.” If the performance of the marriage ceremony in Arabic is difficult, he suggested, “the young couple can recite the formula in Persian and in the absence of a mullah or other witnesses.”

Collapse of Marriage


Marriage is no longer seen as a necessary social institution, though cohabitation is still common. Children will be increasing made in labs and selected for compatibility and survivability.






Compulsory Marriage

Scenario : Declining marriage rates has led to government intervention in order to maintain families and society. All citizens are legally required to marry by age 30.

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In a note titled “Proposal of New Laws To Parliament and Administration To Encourage Marriage” Mohammad Edrisi, a conservative cleric, has argued that marriage should become compulsory and those who are not married by the age of twenty-eight should face the consequences.

The consequences of refusing to marry proposed include creating laws that will force unmarried individuals of above twenty-eight to pay one-fourth of their income in tax which should be given to those who want to marry but are prevented from doing so due to poverty.

Robo First Lady Scenario

A preference for virtual/non-human interaction and low individual debt leads to a future where marriage between humans and humanoid robots becomes normalized. Technology allows for babies to be created with DNA, regardless of the parents’ sex.”

In recent years, we advancements in sex toys and sex machine devices. Combination of these technologies  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, GPT-3 AI  can amplify the occurrence of this trend.


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Virtually Driven Relationships Scenario

A preference for virtual/non-human interaction and high individual debt leads to a rise in virtually driven relationships. With scarce jobs, partners must live where they are employed, leading to many couples living separately.



This scenario of future of marriage is published in  Journal of Futures Studies


Carefully instituted marriages

Scenario for Future of Marriage:

A preference for human interaction and high individual debt leads to a rise in carefully instituted marriages. Divorces are expensive, and increased life expectancy and overpopulation has created housing shortages and a rise in multi-generational homes.


Marriage in 2036

The Future of Marriage is a conceptualization of American marriage in the year 2036 from a U.S. West-coast perspective. The project was developed over the course of five months in 2016 by four graduate students in the MBA Design Strategy program at the California College of the Arts

According to their scenario we will see following characteristic in marriage status quo:


  • Fluidity of partners/multi-partner relationships
  • Communal living arrangements for multi-partner families
  • Utilitarian value of marriage or partnership for purpose
  • Ease of access to partners
  • Ease of access to marriage services
  • Ease of access to divorce
  • Emotional emptiness or increased impatience with marital difficulties
  • Communal parenting