What we can learn about Flexible Electronics from an old Apple Patent

Apple filled this patent in 2011, so this is not  a new patent, but it demonstrate  the interesting aspects  of non-rigid HCI design.

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Printable, flexible battery offers 10 times the density of lithium-ion

Scientists at the University of California (UC) San Diego demonstrated the battery’s potential by using it to power a flexible display system, where it outperformed lithium coin cell batteries and was able to be recharged 80 times without any major evidence of capacity loss. The researchers imagine it finding use in soft robotics, wearables and other wireless devices, with the flexible nature opening up some interesting possibilities.

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Dynamic Inductive Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles

Signal: Dynamic wireless charging holds promise to partially or completely eliminate the overnight charging through a compact network of dynamic chargers installed on the roads that would keep the vehicle batteries charged at all times.

Why does it matter?

In the mentioned paper, we see a huge potential for electronic devices, This technology could create new industries, because if we can supply power wirelessly, we can design products beyond the current approach. There will be new markets and new product categories.



Rise of DC

The current war  was the most famous ddebate between Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison. We may see the rise of these debates again, because:

  • These days we use more batter enabled devices.
  • Batteries operate with DC power and we consume DC power more and more. We even rent DC power( by renting power banks). The combination of next generation of batteries with and home power plants.
  • DC motors and appliances have higher efficiency and power to size characteristics and push for green economy would facilitate  the rise of DC.
  • Auto Manufacturers like GM and Tesla spends billions of dollars in battery cell plants.


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