Send Your Package to the Moon

Are you ready to send shipment to the moon? This is no limited to science fiction world anymore!

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DHL, in cooperation with the American company Astrobotic, will offer shipments to the moon. From next year on, it will be possible to send small souvenirs up there to commemorate, for example, school-leaving, holidays, marriage, the birth of a child or a loved one. Astrobotic offers its customers the opportunity to send a ring, a baby’s handprint, a hair strand, sand from their favourite beach, a love letter or company logo.

Anyone can send a so-called MoonBox into space. The smallest package has a diameter of 30 cm and the shipping fee starts from $460. Sending the largest MoonBox to the moon will cost $25,800.




Launch Your Own Personal Satellite for $8,000 USD

The news is a bit old, but it’s relevant as a signal of future yet. Furthermore, the company is in the business and released newer model.

The rocket company Interorbital Services (IOS) is offering their “TubeSat Personal Satellite Kit” that can carry 0.75-kg into orbit. The price includes a launch into low Earth orbit on an IOS NEPTUNE 30 launch vehicle to 310 kilometers (192 miles) above the Earth. TubeSats are designed to be orbit-friendly, and not contribute to orbital debris by being in a self-decaying orbit. Launches are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2010.

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TubeSat 2.0 Kit: Specifications and Upgrades

– Icosagon-shaped chassis: constructed from laser-cut aluminum rings and PCBs

– Printed circuit boards (PCBs)

– Electronic components, 4 Mbits FRAM Memory, Atmega 2560 microcontroller, integrated micro-USB port

– 9-degree-of-freedom inertial module (with magnetometer)

– Extra solar power: 18 durable 178mW solar cells

– 3 Lithium Ion batteries (with holding clips and temperature sensors); longer life

– Improved power-management and charging control

– 1.5W high-efficiency radio transceiver with built-in amplifier

– Dipole communications antenna

– Compatibility with Arduino IDE

– 2 sub-miniature deployment switches

– Launch to polar Low Earth Orbit: optional