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Information technology allows us to have access to millions of books, will enable us to read books written in different countries, but can we read all the books? The answer is obvious. For an Iranian person, Shahname is the most popular mythical book. We may refer to Shahname many times. But should an expat in Iran read the whole Shahnameh? I don’t think so.
There are other cases to amplify the benefits of summary in knowledge sharing. I think the blue ocean strategy book provides an essential point of view for every business owner; the book is not too long. The authors present their point of view in 240 pages. But I know many people who use the idea of the blue ocean strategy just by reading the Wikipedia page.

In other words, with the boom of information, we can’t consume whole the information, we may need details of books, but we can’t read all books. Businesses like getAbstract and Blinkist use this gap between demand and supply in information markets.
I suggest that this would be a more significant trend in the future. And there would be a marketplace that credible person, sell single page books. There would be two version of many book:
Single Page and expanded edition



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