Media Consumption in Autonomous Cars

Self- driving cars increase the spare time of humans. Before Self-Driving vehicles, car manufacturers spend millions of dollars on in-car entertainment and infotainment systems. They try the create fun moments for passengers. For example, Chrysler has implemented an excellent gaming system for children in its vans. But the car owner and driver have the least access to infotainment because they should concentrate on the road. However, systems like CarPlay become a must-have requirement for new cars. With Self-Driving, there will be a huge change in the infotainment. And its the reason behind that why Apple is working on driving cars too.

Chrysler Pacifica Rear infotainment system

App Designers are designing for web mobile and tablet now. In that time Car UI of applications become a requirement for any Software development project. So we will see the terms like ” UX design for in-car” , “UI Designer of Car Apps”, “Designing UX for in-Car Apps”, etc.

It also increases the applications of AR and VR. For long-range travel, VR could distract car owners from the passage of time. For Shorter distances, The car winshield window can be combined with a Transparent Display, which combines entertainment.

Tesla Arcade uses steering wheel for controlling games of infotainment systems
Tesla Arcade uses steering wheel for controlling games of infotainment systems

The Car version of Applications will support multi-users, and users can have collaboration when they use in-car applications. Also, there will be more co-play games, because most of the time there are multi-users in the car.

In-Car game,Using windshield window as a display device
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