Harry & Teacher’s Day

It was the ending days of April of 2030, Harry is thinking about buying a gift for his mother. It was the 20th year that her mother works as a teacher. Mrs. Ozbald is a hardworking first-grade teacher at an elementary school in Pierre, South Dakota. In elementary school, teachers are hardworking because of their critical role in the growth of future generations; there are few tasks that they can assign to artificial intelligence assistants. 

  Harry is looking for something to make her mother excited, but he is not sure what can make her mother happy. A new purse? A new pair of AirPod? No, he sought to give his mother a brilliant gift. Then He reached a creative idea. He looked for Mrs. Ozbald’s old notebooks. After long hours he could find the list of students of her first year as a teacher.

It was a challenging endeavor; he searched Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram for old students of her mother. He messaged them and asked them about the name of their first-grade teachers. While Harry was going to become disappointed with finding former students of her mother, He received a surprising message from Britney Shannon in Facebook, but who is the Britney Shanon? Before opening the message he gave look to his list, Britney Shanon was the last person on the list. OMG, what is going there? What was the message of Britney? We will read:

” Hello Dear Harry

Sorry for my strange message, if you are the son of Mrs. Ozblad, who used to teach at South Dakota Elementary School, Please Call Me.

Your mother talked about you in class a lot. I have a surprise for your mom.

With thanks 


“Oh, what is going on?” He said to himself. “Does Britney have the same idea for teacher’s day? No, it’s not possible. But I should call her asap.” 

He became curious about Britney! Why? We don’t know too. He searched about her, Britney is a biotech engineer, and she is a founder of a mysterious startup in Texas now. Before calling her, he checked several 3d models of her in his AR Googles. “What I’m doing now? It’s not a time for that, ” Her 3d Avatar answered. At least her avatar was gorgeous, and her sound was charming. She told him that Mrs. Ozbald talked about her son at a class very often.”…..So Your name was in my mind. I want to meet Mrs. Ozbald on Teacher’s Day; I’m glad to see you too. Your name reminded me of Harry Potter, so it stuck in my mind. I want to appreciate what she did for me, I lost my mother six months before entering school, so I saw my lost mother in the eyes of Mrs. Ozbald. She was like a mother, and when we moved to NYC, I lost my mother again.” Harry became giddy for a while. Then He told his idea to and planned for his surprise. Britney became excited about the idea and said she would come to South Dakota on that day. So he should call others, he needed to find more students.

Some of them answered after a few days. Some of the users are not his mother’s student; their name and location were just similar. But he was not hopeless. Finally, he could find seven students of his mothers, but what he wanted to give his mother? He asked them to send him their 3d scans with a recorded message. Then gathered 3d scan of seven students in a 3d file. His home 3d printer was not good enough for his idea, but after the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, the emergency production act created distributed production infrastructure for emergency times in every city. 3d printers were part of this infrastructure. In the post-emergency era, these infrastructures are used for local services. It could cover the costs of production sites. So he uploaded the model to the municipality 3d printing site, they printed his one cube meter model, and he picked it up. He was thinking about Britney. 

  Teachers’ day would be on Tuesday, but he & Britney wants to surprise her on Saturday. Britney was in STEAMBOAT PARK, Harry’s mother thinks her son behave weird. She said ” why are we going to park today? What’s going on there?” Harry replied, ” just come, dont ask.”

Britney was hidden with the sculptures behind the Pierre’s First Schoolhouse. “Why are we going to this place?” I’m a teacher, do you want to show me the Schoolhouse on my weekend?”   

  • ” no just come.”

Mrs. Ozbald sees Britney and a strange sculpture, but She has no idea about that. Does Harry want to introduce his girlfriend to me? Why didn’t he invite him home? She thought about these questions in her mind. then Britney jumped and warmly embraced Mrs’ Ozbald.

“Hello Mrs. Ozbald, Do you know me? I’m Britney I was your Student. And your son created this sculpture from your former students. How are you? Did you recognize me? I was your sweetheart. ” Britney spoke fast.

Mrs Ozbald was happy bus the surprise effect stopped her from doing or saying anything for five minutes. She dived into her memories. She knew Britney, She loves her students, but Britney was like her daughter, Britney was really attached to her. She embraced Britney suddenly. 

  • Happy Teacher’s Day Mrs. Ozbald Britney said,
  • Hey Mom , look at these figurines with your AR Glasses. These are seven students of you in the first year of teaching. HAPPY 20TH TEACHING ANNIVERSARY

Her old students have grown up. Their animated characters rose from the figurines and told her how her teaching has shaped their personalities and life. 

Mrs. Ozbald was crying; there weren’t tears of sadness, the cry for joy. What a great gift… She hugged her son, Britney, and the sculpture…



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