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MeatCoin Enters New Bullish Cycle

What is MeatCoin?Leading  Meat processors issued a new blockchain token in 2031, and they tag their meats with MeatCoins. It allows investors  to invest their capital in meat production. MeatCoin value has a direct impact on the price of meats for people.

Most analysts believe that the price of MeatCoin increases soon, because they see an increasing demand for food. But a conspiracy theory is being shared  around the web  that indicated the role of   market manipulators on the increase of MeatCoin value.  What do you think? How policymakers can decrease the food price?

What is vSport?

Virtual Sport is a trend which can boost Virtual Economy.

A vSport is a physical sport not possible in the real world – a unique full-body experience that can only be delivered through virtual reality, with a well-defined rule-set and physicality as found in real-world sports. In Sparc, your VR hardware is your sporting equipment. We’ve designed Sparc so that players can express and improve their skill through their physical actions so when you play, it’s really you – not a fictional character in a fictional world(1)

Widespread Popularity Target Date: 2025-2030

VR Health Institute

The Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise (VR Health Institute) is an independent research & ratings organization created to study the health impact of virtual and augmented reality. Working with the San Francisco State University’s Kinesiology department, we use scientifically reliable tools to rate the exercise potential of VR and Augmented experiences.

Why it matters?

It indicated that, the society consider VR beyond a useless entertainment. We will see more professional approach toward VR Sports in near future.

VR Health Institute reviews VR games and provide the Calorie Calculations Per Game Based on Metabolic Data. They released an application for iOS and Android which can track your activity.

Drivers: VR Technology, Lockdowns.

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