Fast Data Analytics

According to IBM, “Fast data (actionable data) is real-time data that typically comes in from streaming — such as through Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and event-driven applications.”

Some expert argue that   the argument is that big isn’t necessarily better when it comes to data, and that businesses don’t use a fraction of the data they have access too. Instead, the idea suggests companies should focus on asking the right questions and making use of the data they have — big or otherwise.

This approach requires:

  • powerful systems for real time analysis
  • Algorithms that detect the differences between noises and emerging  signals
  • New Visualization Techniques

If this trend continue to grow:

  • Fast Data Services
  • Fast Data Neural networks

Question to ask:

Which insignificant events in the past had dramatic impacts on your organization? How fast data could help you on these cases?







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