Bioluminescent Design

When you look at the futuristic movies of cold war era, you always see the massive usage of neon lighting. But how can you combine neon designs with green economy goals? The answer is in hand of biotechnology scientists( or we can call them Biohackers).

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US BioForce

United States Bio Force  is ninth branch of Uniformed Services and the and the world’s first and currently only independent bio defense  force. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was merged in Bioforce.


  • Monitoring Global Biologic threats including   viruses
  • Maintenance of  biologic safety of US citizens.
  • Eradication of deadly  and infectious diseases
  • Increase the life expectancy of  US citizens
  • Respond the diseases with state of emergency

US Bioforce  is not a usual  public healthcare,  they do not provide usual treatments or hospitals. They fight with cancers and new infectious disease. Also, they are ready to respond to any bio threats.

Article 2 of BioForce act states in order to protect civil liberties,  declaring war against a disease requires the  request of  President of the United States and 2/3  majority of  Senate Vote. Furthermore, Congress should approve the extension of war annually. Any restrictions of individual liberty, require the votes of 2/3 of Senate.













Caution: The article is fictional  and is made to describe  a future scenario. 




What is vSport?

Virtual Sport is a trend which can boost Virtual Economy.

A vSport is a physical sport not possible in the real world – a unique full-body experience that can only be delivered through virtual reality, with a well-defined rule-set and physicality as found in real-world sports. In Sparc, your VR hardware is your sporting equipment. We’ve designed Sparc so that players can express and improve their skill through their physical actions so when you play, it’s really you – not a fictional character in a fictional world(1)

Widespread Popularity Target Date: 2025-2030