PubFighters AR: an AR Sport

PubFighters AR is an iPhone AR game that puts your body’s movement and power in the immersive world of augmented reality.
The player can play duels in the real environment with virtual objects. They can hit other players or targets with virtual plates and bottles.
This video game demonstrates the convergence of the physical-digital world and its application in sports. The sports ethics code forbids any activity that is not safe, and it may restrict some activities, but augmented reality can facilitate new games and sports.

Link to the Game on AppStore:


Future Portal Project

Future Portal Project is dedicated to providing foresight about future with help of scenarios, stories, designs and Signals (articles) which represents the trends in future.

Future Portal Project founded in 2020 as an ongoing ,volunteer led project.

The Future Portal Project provides concepts, designs and frameworks for ideation about future.

Amir-reza Asadi is the founder of FuturePortal Project, we are going to turn Future Portal into a crowdsourcing portal of futuristic story telling

In order to create content for FuturePortal, authors use methods of futurology, speculative design and design fictions.

“It can be taken to refer to the practice of designers engaging with possible implications of future developments on society, by making designed things and experiences that will hopefully help us to make more informed steps towards preferable futures. The common methodology of these projects is to use the language of design to speak to the ethical, cultural, and political day-to-day practices of a future imagined world, that generate discussion about this particular topic. Whether it be climate change; body dysmorphia; or any pressing current matter. This creation is commonly informed by emergency technologies, or ‘weak signals’ on the horizon.”[1]