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Digital Furniture Auction

News Title: In the Latest NFT Auction Frenzy, an Artist Just Sold a Collection of Digital Furniture for $450,000 Andrés Reisinger, a designer of whimsical 3D furniture renderings, has sold 10 of his designs (all verified by NFTs) for $450,000 total in an online auction Signal Link:https://news.artnet.com/market/virtual-furniture-nft-auction-1946103 Why does it matter? For long time, virtual object […]

Dynamic Inductive Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles

Signal: Dynamic wireless charging holds promise to partially or completely eliminate the overnight charging through a compact network of dynamic chargers installed on the roads that would keep the vehicle batteries charged at all times. https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/6648485 Why does it matter? In the mentioned paper, we see a huge potential for electronic devices, This technology could […]

PubFighters AR: an AR Sport

PubFighters AR is an iPhone AR game that puts your body’s movement and power in the immersive world of augmented reality. The player can play duels in the real environment with virtual objects. They can hit other players or targets with virtual plates and bottles. This video game demonstrates the convergence of the physical-digital world […]

an AI Attack to Free World

On one of the hot days of summer in 2031, a confidential report leaked on social media caused massive protests in the midwest. The report stated that the AI judgment algorithm sentenced 112 black people to life imprisonment wrongly in the past year. Protestors tried to burn the state buildings. Another group attacked the offices […]

AI Attack

Phishing, ransomware, DDoS, Viruses, and Attack vectors are the most common cyber attack type(1). With the expansion of using AI in It’s predictable, we see more and more AI attacks shortly.  These “AI attacks” are fundamentally different from traditional cyberattacks(2), and current approaches are using against current cyberattacks that may not be appliable. AI Attacks […]

Fast Data Analytics

According to IBM, “Fast data (actionable data) is real-time data that typically comes in from streaming — such as through Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and event-driven applications.” Some expert argue that   the argument is that big isn’t necessarily better when it comes to data, and that businesses don’t use a fraction of the data they […]

Rise of DC

The current war  was the most famous ddebate between Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison. We may see the rise of these debates again, because: These days we use more batter enabled devices. Batteries operate with DC power and we consume DC power more and more. We even rent DC power( by renting power banks). The […]

No Book!

  Information technology allows us to have access to millions of books, will enable us to read books written in different countries, but can we read all the books? The answer is obvious. For an Iranian person, Shahname is the most popular mythical book. We may refer to Shahname many times. But should an expat […]